The Gardening Club is an opportunity for children to learn how things grow, whilst taking ownership of the practicalities and cycles involved in horticulture. The club is normally set in an area with access to planters where crops and flowers can be grown. The sessions last for an hour and can run all year round with rained off days set inside using a variety of educational horticultural related materials.

Why is Gardening Club important?
Gardening Club is important because it is an out of class practical approach to learning, which can provide tasks to cater for all learning styles. Also, it provides opportunities for children to engage in ecological activities whilst integrating several subjects, as well as personal and social responsibility in an otherwise urban environment. Most importantly, it provides an opportunity for children to see first-hand how food can be grown locally and naturally.

To allow children in urban environments the chance to garden
To facilitate children’s enjoyment of hands on growing
To impart eco-friendly ideals such as reducing, recycling and reusing
To provide an opportunity for practical based learning outside the classroom
To promote personal and social responsibility
To establish an ecological centre for the school

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